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Santa Clarita DUI Attorney.  Here is the scenario:  You went out with some friends, you had a
couple of drinks and while driving home you were stopped by the CHP or LASD and arrested for
VC23152, now you need a Santa Clarita DUI Attorney to help get you out of this mess.   If you
or someone you love has been arrested in the Santa Clarita Valley area our law firm can help.  
Matthew Ruff has over twenty years of experience practicing criminal law.  Unlike many Lawyers
out of the area, we can go to Court for you in many cases and work to get your charges
dismissed or favorably resolved.  Because hiring the right attorney is so important to the
outcome of a case, you should not risk your future with someone unfamiliar with the local Court
and prosecutors.  We know being arrested and facing criminal charges is a frightening experience,
as local Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorneys we can help guide you through the very
daunting Court process.  When a person is booked for a criminal violation the clock starts
ticking for certain rights that may expire unless immediate action is taken.

For over 25 years Matthew has been defending clients charged with drinking and driving and
other related criminal charges knowing that his clients are often portrayed in a bad light by the
arresting officer.  The truth is most of Matt's clients are good, decent hard working people who
were in the wrong place at the wrong time or had an error in judgment.  If you have been
contacted by police and given a Court date Matt can help.

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Our Law Office practices criminal defense exclusively.  We serve the Los Angeles Superior Court
in Santa Clarita located at 23747 Valencia Blvd., Santa Clarita CA 91355.  Examples of cases we
handle are   
Drunk Driving, for both alcohol and drugs; Crimes of  Violence, Child
Endangerment, Suspended License,
DMV Hearings  to save your driving privilege, Refusal to
take a chemical test  following a DUI arrest;  Drug Possession charges,  Speeding Ticket matters,  
Reckless Driving, Over 100 mph violations,  Commercial tickets, Traffic Offenses, Petty and
Grand Theft, Failure to appear,  Warrant Recall, Expungement of past criminal convictions,  
Overweight tickets,  
Marijuana Possession  and Methamphetamine Sales,  Evading Police,  
Resisting Arrest, Hit and Run, Assault, Battery,  Domestic Violence such as Spousal Abuse.  
Probation Violation hearings Misdemeanors and Felony cases where jail or prison time can be
DUI Checkpoint  Arrests.  Under 977 of the California Penal Code, a Santa Clarita
Criminal Defense Lawyer can appear on your behalf  on most Valencia traffic and misdemeanor
offenses.   In most cases we can get the original criminal charge dismissed, reduced or lower the
punishment and you may not need to ever appear in front of a Judge.  Matt has the experience to
WIN YOUR CASE.   For over 25 years Matt has been fighting criminal cases with a focus on
obtaining a NOT GUILTY acquittal rather than working out a plea bargain.

In light of Covid-19, the Courts remain only partially open, handling the most pressing matters
such as new arraignments, restraining orders in domestic violence cases and bail hearings.  
However, if you were given a Court date on a new criminal case the Judges are hearing these
matters.  As local criminal defense attorneys we can appear for you so you don't have to risk
your health and safety.  Also, if you were arrested for a DUI the DMV remains open and is
actively suspending licenses based on these cases.  Therefore, call us so we can STOP the
suspension and acquire a hearing to challenge the evidence in the case.

The Los Angeles County California Superior Court in Santa Clarita  hears cases from Valencia,
Saugus, Chatsworth,
Newhall, Stevenson Ranch, Westridge, Sand Canyon, Interstate 5, Canyon
Country and
San Fernando Valley.

Our Local Law Firm does not believe in caving in to the prosecutor, our motto is to FIGHT TO

                                        Latest Case Victories
Our Firm was hired by a resident of Frazier Park who was arrested in Gorman while driving back
from the Valley.  He was stopped due to alleged speeding and the officer observed bloodshot eyes,
slurred speech and an odor of alcoholic beverage.  The client was on probation for a DUI so he was
not allowed to drive with any alcohol in his blood (zero tolerance).  The officer gave him a breath
test that showed a .11 BAC and he was arrested.  Matt took the case and demanded a DMV
hearing.  At the hearing he was able to show the officer made numerous fatal mistakes on his
report, the DMV agreed and threw out the case, setting aside the suspension.  The DA later dropped
the criminal charges as well.

Matthew recently defended a driving under the influence case where the client was pulled over after
being paced on Soledad Canyon Road by CHP and stopped for speeding.  The officer claimed to
have smelled the distinct odor of an alcoholic beverage and commenced a DUI investigation.  The
client performed field sobriety tests roadside and was arrested.  Subsequent breath tests showed .12
BAC and he was charged with VC23152.  Matt filed a motion and cross examined the officer
regarding his observations and showed the evidence wasnt as strong as the DA thought.  The client
was ACQUITTED (Found NOT GUILTY) of  the .08 charge and the DUI charge was dismissed!

Matt was retained by a young lady in Santa Clarita arrested for drunk driving after she was found
passed out in her car on the roadway.  The CHP detained her and ran her through FST exercises
and then arrested her for VC23152.  She was under 21 at the time and her license was seized.  Her
family called Matthew who knew exactly what to do to save her license.  He set up a hearing
immediately and went to Court for her.  In Court Matt was met with much resistance because she
blew a .11, .12 BAC on the breathalyzer.  Not deterred, Matt fought the evidence, set the case for
trial and obtained a NOT GUILTY of all charges.  Her license was subsequently returned.

Among the many different alcohol related Matthew handles are the under 21, zero tolerance cases
which present unusual challenges due to the strict DMV penalties.  In one recent case Matt obtained
a full acquittal of all the charges in Santa Clarita Court.  Here are the specific facts:   The client, a
20 year old who lives in Stevenson Ranch with a bright future, was stopped along the interstate for
speeding and driving without a front plate.  The officer made a passenger side approach of the
vehicle and immediately detected an odor of alcohol emanating from the vehicle.  The driver and all
occupants were ordered out.  The accused was ran through a litany of field sobriety tests including
HGN, walk and turn and the walk the line test.  Ultimately, he was given a PAS roadside breath test
which showed a .07 and .06 respectively.  The client's license was taken away, he was cited for VC
23140 and a Court date was set.  The attorney went to the arraignment and set a trial.  At trial Mr.
Ruff was able to show the breath machine lacked a sufficient showing of compliance with the
regulatory requirements and he was able to persuade the Judge to exclude the results.  Following
that, Matthew made a motion for acquittal and the Court found his client NOT GUILTY .

In one very recent case our client, a young man traveling from Los Angeles back home to Canyon
Country California, was involved in an accident when a small animal ran out into the roadway on
Interstate 5 north of Newhall.  The client, distraught and shaken up was further traumatized when
the CHP detained him and compelled him to complete a variety of field sobriety tests.  He admitted
drinking before leaving Los Angeles and was subsequently arrested for driving under the influence
(VC23152)   He was taken to the hospital and gave a blood sample which was later tested and
determined to be .14% BAC.  He hired Mattthew Ruff and he immediately followed up with the
DMV by scheduling a hearing to contest the pending license suspension.  At the hearing Matt
presented expert testimony that established that his blood alcohol level changed over time and he
was below the legal limit at the time of the accident.  The state returned his license on April 17,
2014.  Later, in Court the DUI charge was reduced to an "unlawful turning movement" and all
DWI and alcohol charges were dismissed!

Attorney Matthew Ruff was retained by a commercial driver who was arrested for DUI on Newhall
Ranch Road on ramp to the 14 freeway.  The client was parked with the engine running to the
vehicle.  He was breathalyzed and his BAC was .22%.  After his arrest he waited too long to request
a DMV hearing so his license (including his CDL) was suspended for 1 year.  He met with Matthew
who told him "We're going to beat this case"  A jury was impaneled on January 3, 2012 in Division
3 of the Newhall-Valencia Court and Mr. Ruff went to trial.  After 3 days and the testimony of 4
CHP officers the jury came back with a "NOT GUILTY" on all counts.  

In another DUI case, our office was engaged by a client who lives in Frazier Park.  The client has a
commercial drivers license and was stopped by the CHP for doing a California stop at an
intersection.  The client was asked to get out of his car after the officer smelled alcohol on his
breath.  A  chemical test revealed his BAC was .11% and he was arrested and charged with drunk
driving.  The accused had to surrender his license.  He hired us and we took steps to get a hearing
regarding his driving privilege at the DMV.  The DUI Attorney then fought the case in Court.  
There, he was able to obtain an acquittal of the driving with a blood alcohol level above .08 and got
the DUI charges dropped.  Subsequently, Matthew obtained a set aside of the DMV action resulting
in the restoration of the client's commercial license.

Put a criminal defense professional with 25 years experience on your side to give you a significant
tactical advantage in dealing with your specific Santa Clarita criminal or traffic charges.   The
attorney has handled thousands of criminal cases and  understand the strengths and weaknesses
of the prosecution of criminal charges.  Our intricate knowledge of the Los Angeles County  
justice system in Valencia affords our clients the unique "inside information" giving us the
advantage in defending you.  We will help you to understand the best approach and strategy for
the defense of your case.  We take the time to understand each client's specific situation and our
Top Rated Santa Clarita Criminal Defense Attorney takes an individual approach to each case.  

Put the Nation's Best Rated Criminal Defense Attorneys,  on your side, fighting for your rights in
your Santa Clarita, Newhall, Canyon Country, San Fernando or Valencia CA criminal, domestic
violence, DUI or Traffic case.  Matthew is particularly adept is making sure he fully vindicates a
client after an arrest.  For example, many lawyers pay little attention to fighting the DMV
following a breath test above the legal limit.  Matt fights every aspect of the case and strives to
get your license reinstated and the suspension "SET ASIDE".

In the last decade the DUI laws in California have gotten increasingly more harsh and it is
expected to get worse.  The judicial system is under more and more pressure to convict alleged
drunk drivers and suspend their driving privilege.  At the same time Courts are reluctant to
uphold the Constitutional protections afforded to all citizens when it comes to drinking and
driving. Your need a legal advocate on your team to level the playing field.  Santa Clarita DUI
Attorney 23920 Valencia Blvd., Valencia CA 91355.

Most recently Matt was able to restore the driver's license for a client arrested after getting into a
minor traffic collision just west of Parker Road on Sloan Canyon Road in Castaic.  The client
was arrested for a violation of VC23152 then taken to Henry Mayo Hospital for a blood draw
which later revealed a BAC of .25.  Matt fought the evidence in the case and uncovered  
improprieties in the testing of the blood which he argued at the hearing and was successful in
getting the DMV to SET ASIDE the license suspension.



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