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How do you challenge a Santa Clarita DUI or Drunk Driving charge?  
With 25 years experience of defending well over 3000 DUI cases and an equal number of DMV
hearings in the state of California. Attorney Matthew Ruff uses time tested methods that comes
from representing more clients charged with a Drunk Driving in the Santa Clarita Valley than most
other so-called "DUI Lawyers". Matthew's clients who are law abiding, good people who
unfortunately have been arrested after consuming alcohol and driving, perhaps just a glass of wine
with dinner or a couple of beers after work.  Matthew has personally fought all types of cases and
challenge all DWI arrests, under 21 alcohol citations, probation cases, refusal allegations, persons
that have multiple DUI priors, even those made at
DUI Checkpoints.  He defends Valencia
driver's license hearings on a regular basis and teaches seminars to other members of the
California State Bar on how to challenge a DWI.  Our office has a team of blood alcohol experts
available to pick apart the breath test or blood sample in any given case.  Experts such as forensic
toxicologists, medical doctors and investigators.

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Many lawyers believe in a policy of plea-bargains and quick guilty pleas. But our DUI Attorneys  
are true advocates. A true advocate that fights for your best interests, knowing that what happens
in the case will determine your future record. The state of California has scores of police,
attorneys, and scientific experts representing their cases. Who do you have to represent your case?

Do you have someone who has worked for the state district attorney's office and knows what the
strategies are on the other side of the aisle? Do you have someone that also has defended
Possession charges that also arise from the arrest? Do you have someone who has published
articles on how to defend DUI cases? Do you have someone who has actually gone to trial on the
issues in your case? What if a
Hit and Run was involved? Do you have a Lawyer familiar with
how to defend
driving under the influence cases involving drugs ?  Our DUI Lawyers can provide
answers to all of your legal questions and present a solid defense for someone charged with a Los
Angeles County, Valencia and Santa Clarita Drunk Driving case.

Some Actual Case Results

Attorney Matthew was retained by a 20 year old client facing a one year loss of his driver's
license, attendance of a DUI school, hefty fines and points on his driving record that would haunt
him for years to come.  He was charged with Vehicle Code 23140 and zero tolerance with the
DMV following his detention along the 5 freeway back in March of 2014.  The lawyer
immediately set a trial date and postponed the DMV hearing while obtaining a stay of the
suspension, allowing the client to continue to drive pending the litigation.  A trial was held on July
8, 2014 in Div 1 of the Santa Clarita Courthouse where Matt was able to exclude the breath test
results of .07% and .06% BAC, according to the CHP officer that issued the violation.  The Court
adjudged the defendat NOT GUILTY of all charges once the attorney closed his case and

Another recent example of  a case Matthew Ruff defended is as follows:  Our client was stopped
on the freeway in the San Fernando Valley by the CHP for weaving.  He was given a number of
field sobriety tests and a preliminary alcohol screening test which displayed a .14% blood alcohol
level.  He was then arrested and transported to the LAPD station for a breath test which again
showed results of .14 and .13.  He was subsequently booked on charges of VC 23152(a) and
23152(b) and issued a pink temporary license.  He was initially reluctant to hire a Lawyer but he
had a prior DUI conviction 4 years earlier and learned that he was facing mandatory jail time and
a 2 year license suspension.  We were retained and immediately requested a DMV hearing and
obtained the arrest reports.  Our investigation revealed a potential problem with the breath test so
we hired a toxicologist and worked up the case.  Initially we went to Court and encountered a
resistance from the City Prosecutor to dismiss the charges.  However, not deterred we filed a
motion to dismiss on constitutional grounds and prior to the hearing on our motion we were
approached by the same prosecutor who agreed to dismiss both DUI charges and work a plea to,
among other things, "blocking a sidewalk".  At the
DMV hearing we presented our expert and the
hearing officer set aside the suspension.

Our client, a truck driver was arrested in Newhall and blew a .22% on the breath machine in the
field and a .21% on the breathalyzer back at the Santa Clarita Sheriff station.  Matthew took the
case to trial and the client was acquitted on all counts after a 4 day trial in Division 3 of the
Valencia Court.  The District Attorney put on 4 CHP officers and the lawyer took apart each one
of their statements one by one.  After the trial the jurors said that they did not accept the
testimony of the officers that our client was DUI, even though their was an alleged confession.

Matthew Ruff represented a driver with a commercial license, employed by a large utility
company in the state.  The client was concerned about the impact a DUI conviction would have
on his job, he was right to be concerned.  Matthew fought the case, won the DMV hearing despite
the breath test of .11% BAC.  He did so by presenting expert testimony that the accused was in
the "absorptive state" at the time of the test and his true blood alcohol level was much lower at the
time of driving, he won the DMV hearing.  In Court Matt attacked the officer's observations and
presented a video of the arrest showing the CHP officer was incorrect in the report.  The case was
reduced to a reckless driving in mid 2014 which saved the commercial license.

In yet another recent DUI case we defended we were able to
avoid jail for our client after he was
stopped in the Hungry Valley off road recreational area.  Following a questionable stop, the client
was arrested and blew a .21 % on the breath machine at the Santa Clarita Sheriff station.  We
went to Court for the client and negotiated a disposition which did not require any jail even though
the client had multiple prior DUI convictions, the last one less than four years before the current
arrest.  Our client
never had to appear in Court to answer to the drunk driving allegations.

If you have been arrested for a DUI and your breath test was over .08%, or if there was a blood
sample withdrawn or a refusal reported, the police probably took your license and issued you a
notice of suspension and 30-day temporary license. A first offense DUI involves a four-month
suspension; a
refusal or a second offense within ten years will result in a two year suspension.
These suspensions can be successfully contested by an experienced DUI attorney, but it is critical
that the individual or, preferably, his attorney, CONTACT THE DMV WITHIN 10 DAYS OF
THE ARREST. The importance of this cannot be overstated; without a properly submitted
request, there will be no hearing and the suspension will automatically take effect 30 days after the

Lastly, in a recent case, our client was arrested in Canyon Country after the deputy observed the
client weave and lane straddle.  The client was visiting the area from out of state and did not
possess a California driver's license, she was also a nurse in her home state.  If if could not get any
worse, the client had two prior DUI arrests that were alleged by the District Attorney, therefore
she was facing a third drunk driving and was looking at a mandatory 120 days in jail by statute.  
Matthew filed various motions and set the case for a hearing in the Santa Clarita Court.  In court
the lawyer managed to work out a deal for no jail and got both priors dismissed.

The bottom line is no one in the criminal justice system will have any sympathy for you and your
case.  You must act to minimize the consequences of the arrest.  
Mistakes made today will forever
haunt you and your driving record.   Do the smart thing, hire a professional to fight the case.

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